Form and colour are my tools – they are my ‘words’.
My fortune is to work outside of the constraints of time.  In the peace of my workshop – a place of contemplation where time seems suspended – I feel myself to be like an ‘artesan-monk’, intent alone on manifesting the vitality of the forms of my lampshades, whose volumes and colours evolve before my eyes.

My laboratory is like a casket full of an energy which bursts out when I come into it, filling me with positive energies.  Everything is cared for, everything loved, everything in perfect order – except in those moments of creative ferment when every element is working towards a material incarnation in which the imagined object desires only to be brought into being.
My approach is one of lightness.  Lightness is seeing the finished shade in front of me, as if it had made itself.

All the lampshades are sewn by my own hand; they are unique pieces, made expressly to measure with special handwoven fabrics. 
The bases also are created according to my own designs, in iron, brass or poured bronze, with a variety of finishes and patinas in wax.